Wierdsville Tagging and Whine With Cheese

Well, I've procrastinated long enough. I was "tagged" by my pal, author Jack Kincaid, over at MySpace. Suffice to say, there are very few friends like "The Ripper" that I would actually follow through for on such a dare. But he called me adorable and evil, so how could I refuse him...but I digress.

Anyway, this tagging thing requires posting a list of 10 weird things about oneself, and of course I've got WAY more than ten I can list (but most are not suitable for a public forum! *grin*). So, I thought I would string this assignment out and do my list one post at a time. Yes, a SLOW torture of sorts. That also gives me time to contemplate my weirdness and just which bits I might share with you. Okay, here goes...

Weirdsville #1
Drumroll please! Well, maybe a drumroll is a little too dramatic for this particular weirdness, but I have a strange fascination with flattened pennies. You know, the kind made in those groovy machines on the NJ Turnpike, and in amusement parks and tourist attractions around the country. You just put your penny and two quarters in the slots, crank the machine and out comes an oval shaped penny with a cool picture and greeting stamped on it...Good Luck...Welcome to Niagara Falls...Seattle Space Needle.

In my small bit of research for this blog, I discovered I'm not the only one fascinated by these little slabs of copper. Seems there are some hardcore collectors out there, and even a history of the flattened penny dating back at least 120 years. Looks like you can even buy leftover pennies from retired dies. Although I tend to collect these from places I visit for the nostalgia of it, I think I might just have to nab me a few of those retired collectibles. See...weird, eh?

So how does this relate to horror and writing? Well very loosely, until you get to the story that's brewing in my head from just thinking about this little obsession. Contemplating the possibilities makes me giddy! Again...weird. *more grinning*

Whine With Cheese
Well, I've certainly provided enough cheese today...or cheesiNESS, my usual blog fare. But my whine is a dry and bitter one, having spent hours last night trying to redo my profile at MySpace because of some behind the scenes messing around with code by the owners of that dark cyber-realm. I miss my old profile background! In fact, I loved that strange eyeball and planet thing, but I couldn't salvage it. For now, it'll just have to be basic black. Does it work for you? I hope so.
Okay, my whine is complete and my Weirdsville #1 is revealed. Now back to work for me. There's writing in them thar hills for me to explore. Wish me luck!

Live long and prosper, dudes and dudettes!
See, told ya'...weird. Hmm...maybe that's a idea for Weirdsville #2.

Wickedly Yours,
Fran Friel