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Tool Time! [Writers, Readers, Marketers]

Mmm...the Shiny Things!

I've been testing some tools for quick videos, ads and slideshows for social media. I have to be careful because i can spend endless time playing with these shiny things, but it's so much fun!

Many are in phone/iPad app versions so they can be done on the fly:

So far, I've found Animoto (app) easy for a quick slideshow. Ripl (app) is less intuitive but more professional looking. WordSwag (app) is lightning fast for a quick pic with text ads. But for me, Canva and PicMonkey have been excellent. I mostly use them on my laptop, but they also have app versions. They're easy to use with a short learning curve and well worth the reasonable charge for the paid versions. Here's a quick ad I did on Canva this morning. It's not fancy or slick, but it gets the job done (list building). Bing. Bang. Boom.

Enjoy! And let me know what you're using for social media, ads, vids, etc! 

Wickedly Yours,

Fran Friel


Market Or Die

Market Or Die, that's the name of wunderkind, Jennifer Fusco's, small but mighty book.  Great title and fabulous looking book, isn't it?  

Marketing, or "branding," for writers, artists and independent publishers is becoming ever more vital with the lightening rise of the ebook market.  Jennifer's timely offering and the follow-ups , How to Use the Power of Your Brand, and Integrated Marketing Plans for Writers (due for publication, January 2012) addresses the importance of selling yourself, as well as how to find your way through the mire of social media and marketing madness out in the big bad world.

As a Brand Manager for the international business giant, General Electric, Jennifer knows a thing or two about the complicated business of marketing.  So, be sure to take a look.  I suspect you'll find this book and its lovely sister volumes an important part of your plans for marketing world domination.


About the Author [from her blog, Market or Die]: 
Jennifer Fusco is the Creative and Brand Manager for the General Electric Company, North America and the author of the bestselling series, MARKET OR DIE, marketing books for writers.

A two time winner of the Advertising Excellence Award for 2010, Jennifer has launched successful national print and digital ad campaigns. Currently, she is a member of the (ANA) Association of National Advertisers and believes brand building is a key to professional success. 

Wickedly Yours,