Down for the Count

Down for the Count
Is that Fran? Look what moving has done to the poor woman? Such a pity. She still had a few good years in her.

I know, I'm such a drama queen. Well, besides my fascination at the sheer bizarreness of this picture and my desire to gross you out a little bit (or perhaps, a lot!), I just wanted to let you know I'm down for the count this weekend. No blog of significance shall come from this home-renovation-warn-warrioress. BUT next week the Fran Friel Show will return, however this time it will be coming to you from my penthouse lair (2nd floor) office at the beach. Until then, wish me luck with the screwed-up poo colored paint job I discovered today and the carpet being delivered in just the nick of time before the movers arrive! Oh the horror stories waiting to be written...

Wait Until You See!
Hey, and while you're waiting for my lazy butt to get back here and write something interesting, go visit this VERY fabulous lady who makes puppets like the ones you see here. And wait till I show you what she's up to. Coming soon! Puppets by Cher Website - Also at MySpace.

Have a FABOO week, my pretties!

Wickedly Yours,
Fran Friel