Your Words

My deepest thanks to you all. Your words were such a comfort, I can't begin to express how much they've meant to me. I've been blessed to live a long time without losing someone very close to me, so I had no idea how much even a small gesture of care could mean when you lose someone. I'm deeply grateful for all of you and your prayers and gentle support.

The week of funeral activities, taking care of my dad and meeting literally hundreds of grieving friends and family was harder than I imagined. I have a lot of peace about my mom's passing but being in the wake of the pain of so many others was intense. I found myself holding weeping people in my arms for days. After a long drive home from Maryland, I felt such a weariness that I couldn't think straight, hence my delay in writing to you. I'm much better today, but I'm taking everything slowly and giving myself space to grieve in my own time and in my own way.

Someday when I'm ready, I'll tell you some cool stuff about my mom, or maybe I'll write a story, but for now I just really want to say thank you from deep in my heart for your support and love. I'm not just saying made an enormous difference and it has meant the world the to me.

With Love and Deep Gratitude,
Fran Friel