Shameless Clues Continue!

The Shameless Mama's Boy Tease Contest Continues!

Today: More Clues You Can Use!

Beside the obvious visual clue (hint, hint - uh, something red), today I'd like to introduce you to the artists of the Mama's Boy project.

First, is one of my favorite artists and a very classy guy, Tom Moran. I recently highlighted his work at the Horror Library Blog-O-Rama and on MySpace as one of the wonderful artists blitzing the Horror world. I'm thrilled that Tom is doing the cover art for Mama's Boy. I've had a glimpse and it's awesome. Yes, I'm teasing you again, but only because I can't show you just yet. But I will as soon as possible. I promise!

But what I can show you, is a great piece Tom illustrated for my story in the Wicked Calendar 2006 from Wicked Karnival. My story, Connected at the Hip, appears as the month of June pin-up. And yeah, it's fun being a pin-up. Besides my little story, Tom's work is popping up everywhere. You can see many of his raw, humorous, freaky, beautiful illustrations in magazines like Wicked Karnival and Insidious Reflections. Be sure to visit his gallery at And multi-talented as he is, you'll also find that Tom is a published author.

Next on our artist hit parade, is my friend and colleague from Dark Recesses Press, Jason Beirens. Jason not only does a fantastic job as Art Director for DR, he also provides illustrations for many of the stories. Jason will be providing interior filigree art for the pages of Mama's Boy. You'll also find Jason's excellent ongoing project, The Ill-Tempered Bear. You'll love the ITB, so be sure to visit!

I'm a lucky girl to have so many talented people working on this project!

So there you have it - at least 3 more clues for you today. For more information on how to play AND WIN, The Shameless Mama's Boy Tease Contest, check the previous two blogs for details.

Are you having fun yet? I am!

Thanks for playing (and humoring me), gang. I'm pretty darn excited about this project, and I'm just happy to be sharing it with you...even if I am teasing you a little.

Wickedly Yours,
Fran Friel