The Mama's Boy Tease - More Clues!

The Mama's Boy Tease Continues!

"They" say that we really need to say things at least three times for most people to remember. So in the interest of promoting good memory, before we continue we'll do a quick recap. Ready?

Here goes:

The "Shameless Mama's Boy Teaser Contest!"

Just stop by my Blog at MySpace throughout the week and scavenge a total of Five Clues. Email your list to (temporary account) before midnight, Sunday, April 2, 2006.

Combine any items from the list for Five Clues:
1. Visual clues (hint, hint...start here or go back to Sunday's)
2. Author's Name (uh, tough one)
3. Short Story Titles by Author
4. Name of Publishing Company
5. Artist's Names - Cover Art or Illustrations
6. Name of the Foreword Author
7. Character's Names
8. Books Titles by the Foreword Author
9. One Story Title from The Horror Library's Fresh Meat Section

So, it's just that easy. Provide an accurate list of 5 clues and I'll toss your name in the hat. An independent party will draw the winning name, and that lucky Shameless Mama's Boy Teasee will receive a $10 gift certificate to the magnificent I hope you'll play, even if it's just to humor me. I'm sensitive, you know. And heck, $10 isn't too shabby for a couple of clicks. And if you provide the "Special Clue," which will be made pretty darn obvious, I'll make it $15!

Now that you have the recap fresh in your mind. I'd like to introduce you to an author at the top of my favorites list, James Newman. He is one hot commodity these days, and I am thrilled to have his words grace the Foreword of Mama's Boy! I actually cried when I read it, and here's just a snippet for you (no tissues required):

"Hard to believe that someone as nice as the Fran Friel I know. . . could have written something like Mama’s Boy. But she did. And that makes this voracious reader one happy horror fan." --James Newman

If you haven't read James' work yet, you're in in for a wicked treat. Check him out at You'll be glad you did. And I hear he has some very exciting news just over the horizon, so be sure to keep a close eye on this guy. You can also read my thorough brain picking expedition with James Newman in next issue of Dark Recesses Press, due out April foolin' (har, har).

Okay, kids, by my count that's at least FOUR Shameless Mama's Boy Teaser Contest clues since yesterday so we're on our way. See how easy this is?

I hope you're having fun...I am! Dang, it's fun to be a tease.

Wickedly Yours,
Fran Friel