What a Line-Up!

This one is on my list for sure! Check out this line-up:

"Prohibited" by Kealan Patrick Burke
"Last Exit For The Lost" by Tim Lebbon
"The Screamers at the Window" by T.M. Wright
"The Man in the Palace Theater" by Ray Garton
"Pumpkin-Witch" by Tim Curran
"LZ-116: Das Fliegenschloss" by Stephen Mark Rainey
"Something to Be Said For the Waiting" by Brian Freeman
"Jack-Knife" by Gemma Files
"The Spook" by Randy Chandler
"Ever After" by John R. Little
"The Bittersweet Deafening Sound of Nothing at All" by Robert Morrish
"Up in the Boneyard" by Keith Minnion
"Mom and Dad At Home" by Ed Gorman
"Should Old Acquaintance Be Forgot" by Bill Walker
"In the Best Stories" by Norman Prentiss
"Poetic Justice" by William F. Nolan
"Dust" by Brian Keene
"The Deer of St. Bart's" by Bev Vincent
"The Man in the Other Car" by Al Sarrantonio
"Liturgical Music For Nihilists" a novella by Brian Hodge

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