KONG is King in our house!

Movies are a favorite pastime at my house but we have some pretty opposing views when it comes to most films. Paul, my husband, is pretty unforgiving when it comes to the art of film making, and I am much easier to please. For once in a very long time, Paul and I agree on a movie - KONG is KING!

Paul Friel, the king of my jungle, has a perchant for film like no one else I've ever met. He writes impromptu reviews for friends and family (whether they want him to or not) and on many occasions he has been told, "You should go pro!" Although he shrugs off his pro status potential in a way only a Scotsman can do, I'm giving him his film critic debut right here on Yada Feast. If you like it, leave him a comment, and I'll be sure he comes back with more Paul Friel Film Blab, as we've taken to calling it. So, without anymore of my yacking, heeeerrrre's Paul!


King Kong
Directed by Peter Jackson
In theaters December 14 (US release)

Well, I saw the movie last night.

Afterwards standing in the lobby, I asked my wife what she thought. She said it was one of the greatest movies she had ever seen.

That about sums it up. I have seen better movies (Schinder's List, On the Waterfront, or even Spirited Away - Miyazaki's animated wonderland), but I have never seen a greater movie.

This film recreates the reason why we love movies and going to the cinema. Unashamed, unbounded, over the top, old-fashioned entertainment that casts a spell that takes you out of reality and into a magical place of nostalgic joy. I never thought Hollywood still had it in them after too many years of the graceless, constipated trash pretending to be movies but in fact are artless 'product' aimed at a fickle generation that no longer cares.

Well, they'll care about this one.

Go and see it. Go and see it at the cinema. Make the time. Do not wait to see it on DVD. If you do I hope the disk chews up and burns your Apex or whatever you are using.

What works:

Action - Simply jaw-dropping. Nothing has ever come close to how amazing this movie is in this area and one extended fight scene redefines the whole concept.

Romance - the year's oddest, most tragic love story. Scots don't cry but I came close a few times.

Special effects - Kong is the single greatest special effect yet created.

Acting - Kong is the year's finest leading man and Naomi Watts is simply luminescent. No one has stared into a blue screen more believably.

What doesn't work:

Setting the scene - It takes 45/50 minutes to get to Skull Island. I didn't mind it but it may be a bit much especially for younger kids.

Running time - Three hours and 7 mins is tough on the butt and bladder. Again, could be a problem for children.

Cheese - Some of the effects look unfinished. Also, there are two slowmo shots that make me wonder if Ed Wood possessed Peter Jackson for a few days - they are simply awful.

Casting - Jack Black is both great and completely miscast in this movie and alternates from both states like a manic spinning top.

Little Timmy - If you have kids younger than 5/6 this movie has parts that just might be a wee bit scary for them.

~P. Friel

So there you have it, the debut of Paul Friel's Film Blab. I hope you liked it. If you did, maybe I can convince the old Scot to open his own blog and razzle-dazzle you with his love (and hate) of all things film.

I would just like to add my two cents for my love of Andy Serkis (Gollum in Lord of the Rings). He brought Kong to life and totally entertained me with his grizzly but good-hearted pirate of the seas character, Lumpy.