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Adventure on the High Seas...Well, the Beach [Readers, Fans]

Fran and Paul's Excellent Adventure - The Beach Edition!

Sometimes you just need to get out in the sun and the air for a little adventuring. And where better to do it than Santa Cruz on the beautiful Central Coast of California!

Wish you were here! ❤️

Wickedly Yours,


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Too Fast, Beach Yammering, Cleggage and Dynamic Art

Going, Going, Gone?

This has been our first full summer here at the beach and the first time I can remember not wanting summer to end (at least as an adult). I love the Autumn and I've always looked forward to the end of the heat and humidity of Summer so I could get to the good stuff, but this year, I'm actually sad to see the leaves start to change. Don't get me wrong, I'm going to love the crisp air and Fall foliage, but I can't help but think of the snow and ice that soon follows (Yuck!) and missing these gorgeous sparkling sunny days.

Yammerings from the Beach
Anyway, I'll soon be birthing a new blog--a beach blog, to share snippets of the colorful people and the inspiration that time at the beach seems to generate with such ease. I've been taking pics and talking to some interesting beach characters, kind of getting ready to share the journey via the blog. Maybe no one be me will give a hoot about inspirations born of the beach, but they've been clamoring in my brain for expression. I'll keep you posted on the beach blog launch in case you want to see my alter-ego at work (that's the bike riding barefoot crazy lady with the camera who stalks the Bacci Ball court taking pictures of the old Italian guys with the chestnut sun burns who play the game like a religion).

Clegg Zone
Just a quick update of the mentoring progress for anyone who may enjoy a little sadistic glance into a good whoopin'. Doug's first major assignment was to work during the week Internet-free, except for email. It's been both fabulous and horrendous. Working without the distraction of the Internet gave me back an enormous amount of time and also showed me just how often I use the web as a distraction when the going gets tough with my work. It's been a revelation how often I turn to the Internet when I'm bored or tired, rather than do something I really want or need to do like ride my bike or take a nap. The unconscious auto-pilot aspect of it became very clear when it wasn't there as an easy escape.

Although the exercise was meant for only one week, it was such a success I've decided to make it my default way of working. I might add one evening a week, but not if I can help it. I got more done this week both workwise and lifewise, than I have in the last month. If you haven't tried a little net time out, I highly recommend it. It's very revealing and good for the soul.

I Love Weird Stuff
One last thing--I've been meaning to share this with you for a while now, but I really love kind of weird mind-binding sort of stuff. Following is a link to a Dynamic Art site that contains a demo of a moving piece of art. It's got a cool meditative vibe to it and a sense of spacially living images--neat music, too. Have a little look--CLICK HERE.

When that finishes, hit replay than come back here and let the music accompany the following piece, as well (the YouTube vid has no music, so it's more fun with the groovy vibe):

Have a great week. See you next weekend!

Wickedly Yours,
Fran Friel