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Sharpen the Blade...er, the Pencil - Writing Class

Sharpen the Blade...er, the Pencil
One of the best writing classes I've taken was with Terri Brown-Davidson (with Gotham Writers). She's teaching her own classes now and I just saw this today. I know it's short notice, but she may still be taking students or at least she could put you on the list for the next class. It's very affordable compared to Gotham and many other classes. If you decide to take the plunge, tell her Fran sent ya'!

From Terri:

Introductory and Intermediate Fiction Writing

Regardless of whether you’re new to fiction writing or have already dipped your toe into the narrative waters, this fiction course is guaranteed to make you a better writer. We’ll discuss drafts, revise drafts, engage in craft talk, have daily discussions about writing topics and our writing progress, and offer constructive and meaningful criticism that’s guaranteed to take your work to the next level, no matter where you start. The criticism will be substantial and thoughtful—no “fluff” reviews allowed—but delivered in a way that respects you and your gifts as a writer. Most writers who enter this course see their lives transformed-or at least their work!


1. Ten craft lectures on fiction

2. Daily dialogues with the instructor and other students in the course

3. Revision advice from your course colleagues and instructor; marketing advice on where to submit your fiction

COST: $200

I have five online writing courses beginning July 15th; I'll offer descriptions of all of them in this office. To learn more and/or enroll, please see my teaching/coaching Web site, TBD's Online Writing Courses and Coaching, at www.tbrowndavidson.com. Also, please feel free to contact me if you have questions!

Happy sharpening, my friends!

Wickedly Yours,
Fran Friel