Super-Duper LOOPER

Yes, it's as simple as that--Go see Looper.  The only reason not to go to see this film, is if you're hyper-sensitive to violence.  Otherwise, the violence isn't worse than you'll see on most television police series.  There's also a little nudity, but it's brief.

Anyway, with all the caveats out of the way, Looper really is an excellent science fiction film with a great cast, but mostly, it's an excellent story.  The foundation of the story is based on time travel and the altering of reality [I'm not telling you more--1) because I'm a lazy reviewer, and 2), because it will spoil the story you, and I hate when that happens], but the characters are deliciously complex and faithfully drawn, the story threads are all artfully tied together (in a time travel tale, that's saying something!).  Basically, this is just excellent storytelling, directing, and acting.  I'm telling you, kids, Looper is worth the price of admission--one of my favorite films of the year!


Wickedly Yours,
Fran Friel

PS - Let me know if you enjoyed the film!  What did you think of the kid's acting (Pierce Gagnon)?  Amazing, right?  If you didn't, I might have to send out the compliance squad...but that's another blog. ;-)