Remainder of the Day

Our Walking Shoes
It's the last day for our motely crew at the Haunted Mansion Writers' Retreat 2012.  We're reluctantly packing up and putting on our walking shoes, getting ready to head back home.  It's been an exciting weekend, but most importantly, it's been a weekend full of friendship and creativity.

The ghosties were an eventful addition to our activities, but this was truly a writers' retreat with abundant inspiration at every turn, especially the opportunity to be surrounded by other working writers.  It's really fantastic to have company for a change!

A few of us still remain in the salon, soaking up the ambiance and the camaraderie.  Our fearless leader, Rain Graves, continues the rally the troops and entertain us with excellent stories and her amazing energy.  Thank you, Rain, for an awesome weekend!

Wickedly Yours,
Fran Friel

PS - Thank you, Sephora Giron, for the colorful walking shoes/socks inspiration.