Snap Judgment Storytellers Kill It [Entertainment Yada]

Storytelling on Speed

You know how I love a good story, right?  And you know how I love to share stuff I love with you.  Well, I've been on a podcast tare lately, listening to storytellers do their thing in audio form.  They make it sound easy, but heaven knows it's danged hard to sound that effortless.

Anyway, you might also recall that I'm a HUGE This American Life fan, listening to Ira Glass and company almost daily.  But fearing that I would eventually deplete their amazing archive of shows, I started branching out, and I found some amazing audio shows on the web...and they are FREE.  With the cost of entertainment these days, it's THE best deal going.

So my find today for you, is the awesome storytelling at Glynn Washington'sSnap Judgment.  We're talking raucous, raw, powerful, delicious, funny stuff.  Put on your headphones, do the dishes, wash the car, sit back on your commute to work, and prepare yourself to be entertained.

Here's just one of the many amazing gatherings of Snap Judgment storytellers:

Snap Judgment LIVE! on NPR - "Drama Momma" | Snap Judgment