Reinvention or Vamps Again and Again

I spent a little time on Halloween over at the home of the Secrets of the Seven Scribes.  They're a talented and hardworking bunch of writers, and I was honored to spend some time with them chatting about writing.  The topic at hand is reinvention--not fearing an old theme, but finding a new personal spin for a common idea.  I hope you'll stop over for a little visit and have a quick read.  Hellcow and Alice the Vamp Cat are in the house, so how can you resist? :-)

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Vamp, Vamp
Leopold-Bugs, Looney Tunes/WB
I just realized a tenuous and mundane connection between writing about vamps and the concept of reinvention.  And when, I ask you, have I ever shied away from the mundane and the tenuous?  Okay, so when I played musicals back in another lifetime, the set changes were accompanied by what they called a vamp--a little interlude of music played again and again until the stage and the cast were ready to go (note the loose reinvention blog connection between vamp and "again and again" that my continuously wandering mind made here--I know, I need help).  The musical director would indicate to us that we should vamp, or repeat the interlude.

Now, if I were playing a show these days, I'd be sure to have a spare set of fangs ready to flash on cue when the director whispered, "Vamp."  After all, it's called the orchestra pit and it's dark down there, so fangs only seem fitting.  Right?  Hmm...I'm detecting an orchestra pit story trying to form at the edge of my brain.  Dang, it's been done--damned, Phantom of the Opera!  But there is always reinvention, isn't there?  Stranger things have happened.

My continuously wandering brain is at it again...and again.

Anyway, gang, I hope you had a Happy Halloween.  And for the folks in the northeast who were slammed with a freak snowstorm, I hope your power is back on post-haste!

Wickedly Yours,
Fran Friel