Shocklines Film Series in New York!

Hurray for New York

Some very lucky New Yorkers are going to be treated to a new and wondrous series at the movies--The Shocklines Film Series! I might even take the train down to enjoy a few of these jewels. Here's the scoop from Matt Schwartz, the founder of the series:

For those in the NYC area, I'm organizing a monthly film series devoted to horror films that have never gotten real theatrical distribution (so people can see the films on the big screen), and with horror shorts preceding the films. Nothing major -- just a little side project. One of my friends who does event programming professionally was looking for someone to handle a horror film series, and I volunteered.

You can get info at:

The first one will be October 29th at 8PM, featuring Dog Soldiers (from Neil Marshall, the creator of The Descent) with the short film Peekers directed by Mark Steensland, written by Rick Hautala based on a Kealan Patrick Burke short story. Additionally, anyone who comes will get a little promotional chapbook of the short story PEEKERS only available at this screening.

Hope you can make it! Feel free to spread the word. I'll be announcing the other films for upcoming months shortly.

So there you have it, gang. What a treat for you New York film goers. All the details are at the website where you can even purchase your tickets. In case you're wondering about the location, it's at: 92Y Tribeca 200 Hudson Street, New York, New York 10013.

For you non-New Yorkers, anyone up for a road trip??

Wickedly Yours,
Fran Friel