Special Chrispy News and Penguin Man...er, Ed Schubert

Master of the Arcane

I want to share some wonderful news with you about my dear friend, Chris Perridas. It was just announced that he's the new associate editor of the new Bloodletting Press imprint, ARCANE WISDOM. Following is the press release from publisher, Larry Roberts:

I'm very pleased to announce that Chris Perridas will be joining the ARCANE WISDOM staff as an associate editor. Mr. Perridas will be very active in choosing, proofing and editing all AW's titles.

Chris and I are currently working on AW's first publication set for late 2008:

By Arthur Machen
Edited, with Introduction and Notes, by S. T. Joshi

Please share with me in congratulating Chris on his new position and Larry for being so brilliant in hiring Chris!

Penguin Man

Another dear friend, Edmund Schubert, the editor of Orson Scott Card's InterGalactic Medicine Show was recently interviewed by the lovely Alethea Kontis.

If you want to see what being a full-time editor can do to you, be sure to read Ed's interview. It's one of my favorites ever!

Read Penguin Man's interview - CLICK HERE!

Enjoy, gang, and have a fabulous week!

Wickedly Yours,
Fran Friel