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Lazy Links
I missed my beloved NECON this weekend because I've been a tad under the weather here, but I'm overdue for a visit with you and since I miss you I thought I'd just drop by with a few fine links for your perusing pleasure. I hope you find them helpful or at least a bit entertaining.

For Writers and Other Masochists:

Book Proposals: A Recommended Read - by Douglas Clegg

Promotion, PROmotion, PROMOTION - by John B. Rosenman

More on Getting Your Books into Libraries - by Lucy Snyder

Mr. Manners: 10 Rules of Etiquette for Writers Conferences - by Douglas Clegg

Characters - The Heart of Any Story - by Joe Nassise

For Readers and Other Magnificent Creatures:

Apex Digest (now FREE and Online...and paying pro-rates to writers!) - Issue One

Clarkesworld Magazine - (FREE and Online - pays double pro-rate!) - Issue 22

Chizine - (FREE and Online - pays pro-plus rates to writers!) - Latest Issue

For the wondrous folks who aren't sick of hearing about the MB collection:

Shanna Wynne - On Mama's Boy and Other Dark Tales

Kent Allard from Dead in the South - On the MB Collection

That should keep you busy for a couple of minutes. And be sure to go back again later to visit the folks listed above. There's always something funny, fascinating and fabulous within the pages of their blogs and websites.

Happy reading!

Wickedly Yours,
Fran Friel