From the Tube to the Crypt - Vid and Interview

The Tube
Last week I got to see my Hypericon-tired mug on YouTube reading a story for a wonderful crowd at the con (it's a great audience for sure when the readings starting at 10PM on a Friday night...and they stay!). I was in brilliant reading company with Deborah LeBlanc, Laura Anne Gilman, James Newman, Ronald Kelly and Steven Shrewsbury. The fabulous John Hornor Jacobs video taped all of the reading for us (voluntarily) and did a wonderful job filming and editing. If you dare, you can have a peek at my reading--I read "Gravy Pursuits" from my collection, Mama's Boy and Other Dark Tales:

The Crypt
YouTube was a first for me and my next first is a podcast radio interview. Oh, don't you just love technology? I do! So if you have a little free time for some of my yammering, some music and perhaps a little live reading, I'll be chatting with the wicked men of The Metal Crypt on Hard Rock Radio Live on Friday, July 11th at 7PM eastern time. It'll be a mix of music and me yammering away with the guys.

You can access the show at:

Hopefully the show will be archived for later consumption (so you can FF through the bits where I stammer and stumble). I know they've posted earlier shows on YouTube, as well, so I'm sure I'll have a link available for that eventually.

Hope to "see" you at The Metal Crypt!

Btw, next week lovely and talented Garry Charles with be the guest at TMC, and the following week the legendary Ray Garton will be chatting with the Crypt gang!

That's it for now, gang. I still have pics to upload from Hypericon and a fabulous little pirate I've come to adore. Can't wait to show him to you. Until them, stay scary!

Wickedly Yours,
Fran Friel