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Is that not just an absolutely gorgeous cover? Oh yes...oh yes it is. Like so many of the Apex Digest of Science Fiction and Horror covers, this one blew me away. This mag has been my favorite since I discovered it a couple of years ago. I'm a Apex for Life subscriber and when I saw that publisher Jason Sizemore put out a somewhat desperate plea for subscriptions I felt like I needed to help.

SO, I offered a chance for a Free Subscription as a way to draw some more attention to Jason's subscription drive, then a whole lot of other folks have jumped in to help with additional prizes. So pop on over to Shocklines for the details (register for the forum if you haven't's an awesome board with LOTS of well-known genre writers in attendance) and just add a post to the thread. It's TOTALLY easy.

Clickety Here for the Link and a chance for a Free Apex Subscription!


You know how it is sometimes when you meet someone and they feel like kin? Well, that's AJ Brown and me. He's like my "little" brother and we have so many strange quirky things in common, you'd think we were really kin...and the best kind, goodkin.

Anyway, AJ has been a great inspiration to me with his talent and unbounded enthusiasm and energy. His love of the art of writing and his undaunted pursuit of a good story has helped to keep me writing sometimes when I didn't think I could, so I'm immensely honored that he dedicated a blog to me. If you have a moment, please stop by and visit AJ Brown's blog at the Horror Library Blog-O-Rama at Blogger or at HLBOR MySpace.

You can visit AJ at his Friday column at the HLBOR and anytime at:


Theater of Nightmares

Enjoy and have a great week, gang!

Wickedly Yours,
Fran Friel