Tree-Hugging Anyone?

Oh yes, my friends, I'm a tree-hugger...AND kisser!

Just A Little Change
Do me (and my tree buddies) a favor?

Small Favor - When you go to a restaurant or stop in for fast food, use one napkin instead of two. Many of us just grab a handful by habit and millions of napkins and the trees that are cut down to make them are wasted everyday. Same thing with public restrooms, when you wash and dry your hands using those crank paper towel machines - consider cranking out a foot as opposed to three feet of paper towel. Takes a lot less to dry your hands than you may think!

Medium Favor - Switch to cloth napkins at home. Napkins take up very little space in the wash and you'll save a ton of money. I've bought a variety of colors and textures for everyday use and I've picked them up for 50 cents to a dollar each on the clearance racks at Target. I keep a basket of them on the kitchen counter.

BIG Favor - Switch to recycled paper products for your paper towels and toilet paper (our Stop and Shop carries it now - also Trader Joes). We did this last year. I used to think these products wouldn't be very good, but they're actually very good quality. They're more expensive, but 1) that makes us conscious over overusing them, 2) we'll pay in many other nasty ways such as pollution and deforestation 3) they use some nasty chemicals for bleaching paper in commercial toilet paper and paper towels...not nice for the bum or for things that may be associated with food (like microwaving...which btw, we don't own one).

Okay, enough favor asking on my part. What are some of the things you all do for the Green of it? Don't be shy. It's okay to be a tree-hugger! green

Happy Earth Day, my friend!

Wickedly Yours,
Fran Friel