A Little Apex Raffle Heaven

The Apex Halloween Grab-Bag Raffle

I came out of writing hibernation (again!) to share a bit of news I suspect you'll like a lot. In fact, a sweeter deal you'll seldom find! My friend, publisher and the purveyor of the finest sci-fi an horror magazine in the free world, the lovely Mr. Jason Sizemore, is offering a fantastic list of books and writing services in a wild and wonderful Halloween raffle. The dollar's value is shrinking around the world, but not here! For just a dollar you have a chance at wealth of literature from the best in the business.

So whip out those greenbacks kids and take a chance, while supporting the precious small press industry that keeps the best in genre fiction alive! A percentage of the proceeds will also go to the National Center for Family Literacy. A truly worthy cause.

See the details below and at Apex Digest:

You'll find nothing but TREATS here, guaranteed! Here's a chance to fill your pillowcase with all sorts of goodies, including rare items from some of the biggest names in the field. For only $1.00 per ticket. And, a percentage of all proceeds made will go to the National Center for Family Literacy!

One "ticket" will be selected as the winner for each item. So, the more "tickets" you buy, the greater your chances... Winners announced on Halloween at midnight . To bid on any of the fantastic items, just visit www.ApexDigest.com and simply put a "1" in the quantity field (for a charge of just $1). For a better chance at winning your item, just put in a "2" or a "3" (or a "20") and your chances will increase accordingly! Good luck!

This is just some of what you'll find to bid on:

  • In-depth short story critiques offered by famed writers and editors.
  • Copy edited original manuscript of Titan signed by Ben Bova.
  • Signed HCs of Homebody, Magic Street or Pastwatch by Orson Scott Card.
  • Signed MMPB of The Keeper by Sara Langan.
  • Signed TPB French edition of The Girl Next Door by Jack Ketchum.
  • Promotional Moral Orel photo or t-shirt signed by actress Carolyn Lawrence (voice of Orel).
  • Signed copies of award winning writer M.M. Buckner's: Hyperthought, Neurolink, and War Surf.
  • Original hand-written poem framed with signed photo of Grim Trixter author Brandy Schwan.
  • Signed reader's copies of Mary Doria Russell's new novel Dreamers of the Day.
  • Awesome stuff from Aradani Studios (Paul and Michael Bielaczyc).
  • Signed, HC limited edition copy of Dreadful Skin by Cherie Priest.
  • Giant gift box from Horrorview.com. including videos, shirts, etc.
  • Signed copies of Steven Savile's Warhammer trilogy: Retribution, Dominion, and Inheritance .
  • Three signed, sexy PR photos of author Angeline Hawkes-Fulbright.
  • HC of DUNE: The Machine Crusade or Ignition signed by co-author Kevin J. Anderson.
  • Signed, HC of Metal Swarm by author Kevin J. Anderson. This is the UK edition.
  • Signed, MMPB of The Freakshow by Bryan Smith.
  • Signed Tales of… pack by Geoffrey Girard: Atlantic Pirates, Jersey Devil, and Eastern Indians.
  • One year subscription to Shimmer Magazine
  • Signed & Limited Edition of I Sing the Body Electric! by Ray Bradbury (retail value of $150).
  • Signed copies of The Magic Goblet and The Magic Ring edited by Dr. Amy H Sturgis.
  • HC of The Last Rakosh by F. Paul Wilson.
  • TPB of Wet Work by Philip Nutman.
  • Signed, limited HC of Offspring by Jack Ketchum.
  • Signed Sterling Edition (publisher's copy with slipcase) of The Tery by F. Paul Wilson.
  • Galaxy Press/Writers of the Future Educators Pack – many books!
  • Blood-signed (by contributor Jodi Lee) TPB of Echoes of Terror anthology.
  • Extended Play: The Elastic Book of Music anthology edited by Gary Couzens.
  • Abaddon Books Gift Pack – many books!
  • Autographed ARC of Robert McCammon's Speaks the Nightbird.
  • Brian Keene pack: The Rising, City of the Dead, Terminal, Ghoul, Conqueror Worms, and Dead Sea .
  • And much, much more………
Click here to get your chance at some of that wickedly excellent loot!

You know the old saying..."You gotta play to win!"

I'm off this week to Columbus, Ohio for the sci-fi/horror convention, Context 20. I'll be yacking away on a couple of panels and doing a reading on Saturday afternoon. If you're coming to Context, I hope you'll stop by and say Hi. I don't bite...much. *wink*

Wickedly Yours,
Fran Friel