Get Skeered for the Holidays!

Get Skeered!

Did you ever notice how some people seem to have gotten an extra helping of talent when they were born? Well, Elizabeth Massie is one of those lucky people. Not only is she a very successful author of several masterfully chilling novels, among her other talents is art. From her twisted and delightful land of Skeeryville, Beth brings us such enchanting characters as the Fire Breathing Dog O' Death, Stinky the Square-Eyed Cat, Boo the ghost, Bonehead the skeleton dog and, of course, the 3-Eyed Devil Cat!

I own some of Beth's original paintings of the Skeeryville menagerie, but when I saw her latest goodies like the 3-Eyed Devil Cat clock, I had to share them with you. As the holidays fast approach, I thought you might like some Skeery options for the folks on your holiday shopping list. We're not only talking about the 3-Eyed Devil Cat clock, we're talkin' t-shirts, caps, mugs, calendars, etc. Lots of Skeery choices!

I just placed my order for a couple of the 3-Eyed Devil Cat clocks and found out that Free Shipping is being offered for orders over $50 AND I received a message that said I could invite 5 new CafePress customers who would receive a coupon for $5-Off of their first order ($20 or more).

SOOOO, if you're interested, the first FIVE people to email me today before 6PM eastern US time, will be added to the list to receive a $5 coupon. Remember, you have to be a NEW CafePress customer for the coupon to work (I suspect if you use a new email address for a new account, that'll work, too!). Send your email address to:

Happy shopping in Skeeryville!

Wickedly Yours,
Fran Friel