A Taste of the Feast!


Yes, campers, it's that time again! The Horror Library's menu of juicy morsels awaits you. Stop by for a nibble, a bite or feel free to gorge yourself on the FREE fiction, reviews and interviews. The Terrible Twelve and the CW's have been slaving away in the shadows all month to bring you a fine selection to sink your teeth into. The menu below offers a taste of the feast awaiting you in the horrid halls of The Horror Library. May I interest you in an...

Appetizer - Non-Fiction
R.J. Cavender - Keene vs Keene
"A *No Spoilers* review of Brian Keene’s THE RISING and THE CONQUEROR WORMS..."

Edmund R. Schubert - An Interview With Bruce Gehweiler
"Bruce Gehweiler is owner, publisher, and editor-in-chief of Marietta Publishing, a small-press publisher in Dallas, Georgia (yes, you read that right), that specializes in horror and mystery fiction..."

Main Course - Fiction
Boyd E. Harris - Atlantis Purging
"They hauled it up in the shrimp nets sometime between three and four pm. The medical examiner determined that it had been submerged for six to eight months, decomposing slowly in the chilly waters of the Atlantic..."

Fran Friel - Fine Print (Part 2)
"After weeks of searching for her, Duncan still had no idea where Alfie had gone with their daughter. As the weeks pressed on, to ease the loneliness he buried himself in his research, placing hundreds of anonymous inquiries about the contract on as many esoteric forums as he could find..."

Jason Beirens - Sorethumb Ch. 1
"This is what one would call a tease. It is bait, that will hopefully make you the readers want to see the rest of the graphic novel that will tell of the (after)life of George Tosh, who goes by the name Gosh. Gosh has died, but as explained here, he died before his time and has been sent back to live out the remainder of his life. Catch is, he was sent back to the wrong world..."

Ian R. Derbyshire - The Pillar of Flesh
"The pillar rose from the sands like a giant finger pointing toward the signs, bulges stuck out from it periodically. Even at distance John could see movement in the shadow of the great construct, camels..."

Clara Chandler- The Saxophone Man's Soul
"Saxophone Man sits in a lawn chair on the corner of Desperate and Lost. His instrument points to heaven as the music weeps for his tormented soul. He hauls himself to this corner daily seeking deliverance from his pain. His song is both a petition and a warning...

John Rowlands - Evil in the Desert
"The night before the caravan was to leave I sat outside at Tatti’s harbor bar prepared to gorge myself on the last good meal I would have for awhile. A pot-bellied, be-whiskered Tatti himself plunked down a roughly-hewn teak bowl in front of me for starters, filled with rich, deep yellow yogurt the consistency of thick cream, accompanied by plump green figs bursting with ripeness..."

Esteban Silvani - Take the Orange from the Sunset
"As the sunset cast its intricate collages across the farm, Bill tended his tomato patch.

"Could hardly believe those seeds sold to him by that smelly gypsy at the town fair could produce tomatoes of such ripeness in such a short spell. Crazy gypsy talked them up like they were some kind of super tomatoes. Promised Bill’s wife Henrietta, they’d 'increase her life.' Crazy gypsy..."

Curt Mahr - Scent of Death - Part II
"My mind began to detach further from reality. I looked down at my body in all its naked glory. I hadn’t put on any clothes because of the pain...."

Mark E Deloy - Grief is a Storm Colored Egg
"Ronald saw the old barn just off highway 231 and couldn’t resist exploring the rotten structure at the first opportunity. It was about a half a mile away from the house that his parents had just bought in Lafayette, Tennessee. He was ten, an age when exploring old barns, twisting creek beds, and pitch-black caves was practically a requirement..."

A.J. Brown - Bone Yard

"The knife slipped through skin and muscle with ease, reaching bone with little resistance. Down the leg the knife slid, paring away flesh from the lifeless body of the easy kill..."

Dameion Becknell - Severed Ambition

"'Who here amongst you is brazen enough to proclaim personal omniscience? Who?! You each feign such enlightenment as to know exactly what that dead man's departing thoughts were. So who?...Yes, indeed I had deduced no differently. I should believe, then, that you each can refrain from casting thy proverbial stone...' "

Erik Williams - Senior Thesis
"'You’re insane, you know.”'

"Will smirked and patted his friend and roommate on the back. He’d heard this same comment from Jim several times the last couple days. At first it had bothered him and caused him to become defensive. Now Will just brushed it off. 'C’mon, Jim, don’t be such a pussy...' "

Dessert - The Slushpile Competition Winners

Survivor - Brit Mandelo
Survivor - Dave Halpin
Survivor - Lincoln Crisler

I hope you've enjoyed the tasty teaser. If you get a chance to read, Fine Print, Part 1 and Part 2, please drop by here and leave me a comment if you liked it...or not. Now stop by for the full course of Fresh Meat. At The Horror Library, there's always room...for more bodies.

Bon Appetit!
Wickedly Yours,
Fran Friel