Which Sector is Shaun From?

Shaun Farrell is from the Far Sector!

Yes, that's right, the Far Sector. But don't worry, he's still in this galaxy. Well, if you call MySpace a place in this galaxy, than you're good to go. That's where I found him anyway, and I was very pleasantly surprised to also find links from his excellent author interviews for Far Sector - a Professional Web-Only Magazine of Speculative and Dark Fiction.

Shaun dazzled me in an interview with Paul Levinson, author of The Plot to Save Socrates. I've enjoyed conducting a few interviews myself, but Mr. Farrell makes it look a whole lot easier than it really is, but more importantly, he makes the interviews a pleasure to read.

And no, he's not paying me to say these things. In fact, he's one very humble guy and a joy to chat with. I guess that's one of the things that makes him such a good interviewer. I've discovered he does book reviews, as well. His latest at Far Sector, is The Anubis Gates, a fantasy novel by Tim Powers.

There's a lot to discover at Far Sector, including Shaun's recent interview with NY Times Best Seller, Kim Harrison. She talks with Kim about her fourth Rachel Morgan novel, A Fistful of Charms. And Shaun also has a conversation with Nick Sagan, astronomer and son of Cark Sagan, about his novel, Everfree.

And of course there's much to be found at Far Sector, but that should wet your appetite for now.

Enjoy the feast!

Wickedly Yours,
Fran Friel

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note: The photo (lower right) is of Shaun and the master, Ray Bradbury. Both photos in the above article have been borrowed courtesy of Shaun Farrell's photo collection at MySpace.