No More Teasing...For Now!

The Mama's Boy Teaser Contest ENDS AT MIDNIGHT!

Send in your 5 Clues by Midnight tonight, Sunday, April 2nd. The winner of the coveted Shocklines Gift Certificate will be announced next Sunday, April 9th!

Thank you so much for playing along with my tease. I hope that it's given you a chance to learn a little bit about the launch of Insidious Publications first small press offering.

A 28,000 word novella, Mama's Boy is a wicked tale that grew from a short story, which came from a simple Valentine's writing prompt from my friend, Dawn Dare. All she offered was the phrase, "And that's why I love you." And yes, like you, I have to wonder about the workings of my mind when such a lovely phrase could prompt such a nasty little ditty like, Mama's Boy. Ah, the mysteries of the muse.

So I've teased you enough for now. I'll be back again soon with offerings of cover art, pre-order information, size of the signed and numbered limited edition print run and hopefully a few tasty blurbs from some VERY wonderful writing heroes of mine. And no doubt, another contest looms on the horizon!

It's been a privilege to share my news with you. I hope you'll stay tuned and nab a copy of Mama's Boy to read on a dark and stormy night. Just be sure to hide the sharp never know how might stop by for a visit.

Wickedly Yours,
Fran Friel

PS - Still looking for that Special Clue for the extra cash? The clue is the answer to this question: What's the writing prompt phrase that was the inspiration for the original Mama's Boy story?

Contest Reminder:

The Shameless Mama's Boy Teaser Contest

It's easy to play! Just stop by my Blog at MySpace throughout the week and scavenge a total of Five Clues. Email your list to (temporary account) by Midnight, Sunday, April 2, 2006.

Combine any items from the list for Five Clues:

1. Visual clues (hint, hint...start here)
2. Author's Name (uh, tough one)
3. Short Story Titles by Author
4. Name of Publishing Company
5. Artist's Names - Cover Art or Illustrations
6. Name of the Foreword Author
7. Character's Names
8. Books Titles by the Foreword Author
9. One Story Title from The Horror Library's Fresh Meat Section

So, it's just that easy. Provide an accurate list of 5 clues and I'll toss your name in the hat. An independent party will draw the winning name, and that lucky Shameless Mama's Boy Teasee will receive a $10 gift certificate to the magnificent

I hope you'll play, even if it's just to humor me. I'm sensitive, you know. And heck, $10 isn't too shabby for a couple of clicks. And if you provide the "Special Clue," which will be made pretty darn obvious, I'll make it $15!