Gratitude for that Million Dollars!

A nice addition to The Million Dollar Experiement is Go Gratitude. It starts with a short flash presentation. If you're curious and choose to move past the flash stage, you'll be rewarded with this simply symbol to use as a reminder of how powerful gratitude is when seeking to manifest change or abundance in your life.

I was one of the curious ones, always game to learn something new about the power of intention, so I signed up for the daily email that would provide more insight into the symbol and into the process of living with Gratitude. I'm on day four of the messages and I haven't been disappointed. Nothing is being sold. No money is being requested, just a good idea and a suggestion to keep your mind and spirit open to something different and potentially life changing. Sometimes the simplest ideas are the most profound and powerful.

Curious? Check out Go Gratitude and let me know what you think. Turn on your sound for the full effect.