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Coming Soon in June 2017!

Coming Soon in June 2017!

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Beach of Dreams - Coming soon (any minute now) in June 2018!

“Beach of Dreams,” the story of anthropologist Simon Rodan and his quest to get the perfect photograph of some mysterious giant creatures that wash up on the shores of the unidentified tropical island where he is stationed. What follows is a wildly inventive, hallucinatory tale of surrealism that brings the protagonist from the egoism of discovery to the altruism of self-discovery.

-Vince Liaguno, Bram Stoker Award Winning Editor

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The Darker Side - Story Notes Vol. 1

For a writer, every story has an origin, a history or a mystery. In this juicy perk, Fran shares the dark origins (or silly origins or neurotic origins) of her story ideas with her beloved VIP Members:

The Sea Orphan

   Sea Orphan was a failed attempt at writing a story for a pirate anthology—failed in that I totally missed the deadline.  Why you might ask?  Because I became strangely obsessed with the whole pirate mythos—involuntarily, at first.  I must confess...Click Below to Read More!


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Coming Soon in June 2017! 

Shhh...don't tell anyone, but Fran used to be a radio DJ on a New Age program in New York. And she loves to read to people--apparently there's a "Hambone Gene' that runs in her family. So, she has agreed to read a story just for you. It's one of her favorites - UNDER THE DRYER!

She has read this story for audiences who laughed and cringed and cried with her. So, we hope you enjoy listening as much as Fran enjoys reading to you. She considers it a "Dark Little Bedtime Ditty," but leave the lights on and don't look under the bed...or Under the Dryer!